Our Club is the first Republican women's club in the State of Alaska. We were made official in 1947 by a group of women here in the Mat Su Valley who were out numbered by Democrats. They wanted to be able to gather with other Republican women & it began to blossom!  We invite YOU to become a member of this amazing, active group of Republican women & men! Men are associate members.

jan 2022 club timeline.JPG


President Kathy McCollum

V.P Membership Cherie Kajdan

V.P. Programs Linn McCabe

V.P Fundraising Kaitlyn Espada

Secretary Jan Engan

Assistant Secretary Lynn Hallford

Treasurer Natalie Martin

Recent Past Carolyn Porter

January 1st begins our new membership year and goes through December 31, 2022.

We hope you choose to join the oldest Republican women's club in Alaska! We are 75 years old now and still enthusiastically active to continue helping and supporting good strong conservative Republicans in our local, state, and national offices.


Your membership is important in supporting our Club in many ways! Both members & associates have opportunities to volunteer in ways comfortable for you to help candidates & our efforts to fundraise for them as well as helping in our community.

Fortunately for 2022 we still have our current District and Senator and Representative. However, 2022 is the election year and most all of the Senators and Representatives will be seeking our votes in new Districts. We vote in November this year.

This is why our January 8, 2022 is so important. Learning the ins and outs of the new Jungle Primary and the Ranked Choice Voting along with the new shuffling of Alaska's voting Districts will have all of us busy making sure we know how it  works so we can make the best decisions possible. The liberal democrats are all about confusion. Have you noticed?

Mark your calendar for January 8. 2022 which is our first meeting for the new year. At this past September 2021 general monthly meeting we elected our new Executive Board officers. These ladies conscientiously manage the business side of our Club. Senate Majority Leader Shelley Hughes & House Minority Leader Cathy Tilton will officially perform our Installation of new officers for 2022 - 2023 at this meeting. 

At this meeting we have a speaker who will be clarifying the confusion over the redistricting in our Borough. Region 2 Chairman Ron Johnson can make this happen as well as answer our questions. Many of us still have no clue who our new Senator or Representative is or even our new District number/letter. Some new District Chairs will be there as well & can help us. A lively meeting for sure! Click on our Meetings & Events tab for more information.

Our meetings are free and open to the public. 

Time: 10:00 a.m. til noon.

Place:  Mat Su Family Restaurant in on the Parks Hwy. (In the

back meeting room.) Please come early if you want to buy breakfast!

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