During this critical hard hit economic time in our state, the last thing we need is outsiders coming in with their outrageous ideas about what THEY think

 our state needs or doesn't need! Alaskans KNOW how to run our country better than the liberal Democrats who invest millions of dollars into their

campaigns to suit their own agendas! They want Alaska to turn 'blue' from our Republican red!

VOTE NO on both one and two on your ballot! Ballot measure 2 would completely do away with how we have voted for 200 years! One vote one winner!

Their way is more like a guessing game with no one showing their political party! Have you noticed? The liberal Democrats do not believe they can win

 without deceiving the voter! Their tactics lace with lies is unbelievable. What they accuse our Republicans of is what THEY represent. Absurd!

The Wasilla Mayor's run off election is going on now. Glenda Ledford and Doug Holler are seeking your vote. Both have served on Wasilla City Council.
Early In-Person Voting
Early voting for the October 27, 2020, Runoff Election will take place at Wasilla City Hall, 290 E Herning Avenue, Wasilla, Alaska, as follows:
October 19 - October 26, 2020 (Monday - Saturday)
Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
October 27, 2020 you will be able to vote at your Wasilla polling place as well.

You can begin voting tomorrow, October 19, 2020 and voting in person is the safest way to make your vote count. Go here to see where  you can vote:

 https://www.elections.alaska.gov/ Wasilla is at the Wasilla Public Library & Palmer at the Borough Building on Dahlia.

Encourage your family & friends to vote Republican & No on the ballot measures. Vote NO on the Judges if you know nothing about them! There are

 only 3 who have been vetted by Republican conservatives & those can be found on the Alaska Watchman website & Facebook Page. 

Our Mat Su School Board has two seats to vote on November 3rd. We've just turned our school board conservative after a lot of years of a more liberal

running of our school district. Ole Larson has been on the board for twelve years & the desire of his heart is for a good education for our kids and to not

 put tax payers in the red.Leeland Baugus would be an excellent conservative choice as well. Our children & their quality education are their focus. If their

 name shows up on your ballot, we highly recommend voting for them. We NEED them on our Mat Su School Board!

The Mat Su Borough Assembly has two seats up for election. Ted Leonard is not running again, however, Colleen Vague, one of our members is.

 We give her a 10! She has served on the Planning Board for several years & knows her district well. The other seat up for grabs on the borough

 assembly (vacated by Dan Mayfield) there are four candidates to choose from. Mokie Tew tops our list. Choose wisely. We need to get ourselves operating

 in the black & the more liberal candidates do not see it that way. 

If each one of us can get a couple of people to vote it will make a huge difference. Congressman Don Young has been voted the most effective congressman for the past many years & he is still has that fire in his heart to serve our State! Alyse Galvin is putting 'emotional pull' ads out because she has no substance. WHAT kind of experience does she show us she has that is important for a Congresswoman? None. Then the 'Independent' Al Gross is running his campaign on lies. From his own words:

Be alert folks and talk to people with the facts. 

Our Club endorses Senator David Wilson. He had a contentious race in the Primary & there was alot of misinformation bandied about. When someone runs as a write in, it is highly probable that the votes for the Republicans will split which gives the election to the 'Independent' Democrat! 

 We endorse Senator Shelley Hughes, Representative candidates Cathy Tilton, DeLena Johnson, George Rauscher, Kevin McCabe & Christopher Kurka. 
And of course! Congressman Don Young and Senator Dan Sullivan!

WHERE DO I VOTE? WHAT IS MY DISTRICT? WHO IS RUNNING FOR THE LEGISLATURE? ABSENTEE  BALLOTS? and more! Click here http://www.elections.alaska.gov/

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