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Stay informed about what is going on in our Mat Su Borough and state! One way do that is to come to our monthly General Meetings which are open not only to members, but also to the public.

When you become a member of the Mat Su Republican Women's
Club Est. 1947 we provide you with opportunities! To learn more
about the political scene in our borough and state from our speakers, many of whom are legislators; to help with various campaigns; to become more knowledgeable of the way our local and state elections function; to help
 raise money for our support to help Republican local and state
 candidates with their campaigns; to actually participate in their
 campaigns with boots on the ground; volunteer to help with various fundraising events--where you can form wonderful new friendships
; --perhaps you want to run for an office and we can mentor and
 help you. Plus, so much more! 



AUGUST 18, 2020 seems a long way off and it really isn't. Leading up to that date will make or break our state. We go to the polls on this date to vote in the Primary where legislators seek your vote. We can choose between two candidates for each District in many cases. Some Districts have only one candidate .A few of the Republican legislators have wreaked havoc during their term these past two years. They have joined the Democrat caucus & voted against Republican conservatism & values. Instead they chose to create more government by supporting their favorite interests & gaining more power for themselves. WHY did they decide that 'we the people' should not get our PFD? Why, then they would have less to give their special interest groups; more government is better that more money in YOUR pocket, right? The deal now is....YOU CAN do something about it. Follow those seeking to be re-elected by going to where they will be speaking. Do not rely on MSM/newspapers. Meet them. Look them in the eye. Ask questions. Look up their voting record at alaska.gov & click on the Legislature where you will find loads of information. Pay attention to the folks running against them & meet them also. An INFORMED VOTER is a wise voter. Involve your family & friends & encourage them to do the same & then....August 18th pile into the car together and go VOTE.  Many times only one or two  votes elected someone. That could be YOUR vote!

We have Associate Memberships which are different in that these cannot hold a club office or vote. Women who do not mind these options join as associates as well as teenagers and men. Associates are still involved in our club in ways they are interested in. We truly appreciate the so many who have been amazingly active in our club with their ideas, coming to our meetings & volunteering at events etc. One such associate is Mr. May who has taken care of our club's trailer that he hauls out to the Alaska State Fair each year for the past 10+ years. He makes sure it is in good working order and shiney clean for fun at the Fair!Thank you, Jeff May!  For close to 60 years it has been on the corner of the Purple Trail & Denail Loop.  

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