Est. 1947                                                 

Welcome to the Mat-Su Republican Women's Club
Est. 1947 

President Tamie Miller

Tamie has been a member of our Club for twenty years +. She is a great mentor to many of us!

VP Programs: Colleen Sullivan-Leonard
VP. Fundraiser Tendra Nicodemus
VP Membership: Sonya Larkey-Walden
Secretary: Sandy May
Assistant Secretary: Suzanne LaValley
Treasurer: Pat Purcell
Assistant Treasurer: Tendra Nicodemus





We are on :  Mat Su Republican Womens Club

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 875662
Wasilla, Alaska 99687

Our email is


We are located in the beautiful Matanuska Susitna Valley and have been in existence officially since 1947. Each year at the Alaska State Fair we have participated with a booth for information, fundraising and a place to have for folks in our state, federal and local political office to come and meet and talk to their constituents while the State Fair is going on. In 2011 we were given a beautiful ribbon for being one of the oldest booths out there...our first year was 1946 when the women were getting this club up and running!
Come to one of our meetings and become a part of this active, community minded group of awesome women!


A beautifully, inspiring video ....God Bless America by Celine Dion

The State Fair begins on Thursday August 27, 2015 and goes through Monday Labor Day September 7, 2015. As usual, we will be on the corner of Denali Loop and the Purple Trail usual, we hope that you will stop by and say hello! Pick up some gorgeous patriotic jewelry or some fun stuff for your kids and of course, a couple of our bumper stickers that you won't find anywhere else at the Fair! Our Mat Su Republican Women's Cookbooks are still available as well.

We are raffling off a couple of awesome pistols!  Buy one $5 ticket for a chance to win one of two guns! Come by and
pick up one or a few!

All of our fundraisers are for worthy causes. Helping strong conservative Republican candidates get elected and 2016 is not that far off. What a crucial election it will be and the Democrats are dedicated to defeating them. Each one of us needs to do something to help our representatives get elected. Helping raise money is a good way!

See you at the Fair!!!


UPDATE on AFRWC meeting:

The meeting below went well and more research will take place before reaching a decision. Many excellent points were made at the meeting that will be researched and another meeting will take place later. We will post the date when we get it. 

June 26, 2015

We have an update from our President Pam Raygor of the
Alaska Federation of Republican Women.

Good afternoon ladies,
Here’s your update on the upcoming Saturday, July 11, meeting. The flier today and the registration platform are ready to go live by this weekend.
Your Evaluation Steering Committee is preparing for the first all-member meeting to be held Saturday, July 11, from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at the Boardroom, 601 W. 5th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. Check in and registration will begin at 9:00 a.m. and close at 9:45 a.m.  There will be a nominal fee: $40.00 per person; July 8 deadline to pre-registration $30.00 per person.
In preparation for the meeting your facilitator, Cheryl Frasca, has sent each Club President a survey. The survey is due back to Cheryl on June 30. This deadline is important as will allow her time to consolidate the responses, adequately prepare and lead to a productive gathering. Thank you in advance to the Presidents for supporting this effort.
Your Accommodations Committee has procured the Boardroom, a special thanks to Senator Lisa Murkowski campaign, and has arranged for lunch and refreshments. Your Technical Committee is working to make lunch choices available when pre-registering online.
Saved the best for last… Eileen Sobjack, NFRW Secretary and Region 2 Director, will participate in the meeting. Please make time to gather for an early dinner gathering Saturday at a local restaurant. There will also be other opportunities to meet with her.
Keeping the motion at the forefront:
Move that the AFRW begin a process of evaluation to determine if your current governing structure and Bylaws, predicated on your affiliation with NFRW, advance your unique mission to elect Republicans in Alaska. This process will be open to every AFRW member who wishes to participate and include but not be limited to two work session retreats which we consider the following fundamental question: If your ten grassroots Republican women’s clubs were to come together for the first time in 2015 to form a statewide organization, what would it look like?
Victoria et Unitatis
Pamela Raygor

Many times we get just one side of the important events in the news. The legislators who are actually 'there' working on the Budget, etc. have written a letter to clarify the total picture. We hope you will share it with those you talk to and on your Facebook page if you have one.
WE need to speak up. Our elected officials...from the Governor to our legislators are OUR employees.



The Mat-Su Valley looks forward to your representing us in Juneau!

Senator Bill Stoltz of District F, Senator Michael Dunleavy District E, and District G Senator Anna Fairclough will be working hard for us.
Our House representatives are Shelley Hughes of District 8, Mark Neuman for District 8, Jim Colver for District 9, and Wes Keller for District 10, in House District 12 Cathy Tilton will be representative and Dan Sadler will stay in District 13, Lynn Gattis will continue on in District 9.

We are happy to see U.S. Representative Don Young continue to stand up for Alaskans in D.C.!
And we are looking forward to our new Senator Dan Sullivan to replace Mark Begich in Washington!

God,  bless each one and give them wisdom.



In February at our Lincoln Day Dinner we honored one of our most faithful & hard working members.
This year Pat Purcell was chosen as our Member of the Year.
With her gifted mind for numbers, she has been our Treasurer for several years. She seems to be the one who actually enjoys keeping up with the APOC side of things. Which makes her even more special to us!
Pat not only gives so much of her time to our Club by taking care of the financial side of things, but she is always running errands for us and volunteering in many other ways.
Volunteering seems to be a big part of her life. She has a giving spirit. For many years she was on the Bishops Attic Board and she is a mentor to Girl Scouts and has worked with them for years. United Way has been blessed with her many ways of helping out as well.
The Mat Su Republican Women truly appreciate 
 Thank you, Pat!