Mat-Su Republican Women's Club est.1947

The Mat Su Republican Women's Club Est. 1947

This video is a fantastic reminder of the man we the people voted for in 2018. It is also a perfect reminder that we were the MAJORITY of Alaskans. Within two months the 'WE LOST & DON'T LIKE IT' Party started a Recall Petition. Lies began to get signatures. Democrat money flowed & hired people from 'outside' & told them what to do & fed them their lies. They knew nothing about Alaska nor our politics. They were paid employees doing their job. Some of our members were asked to sign their petitions & asked questions. So we know this as fact. The employees could not answer the important questions Alaskans who voted for Governor Dunleavy asked.
IF the Recall Governor Dunleavy should win, what will happen in future elections? The 'losers' who don't like the outcome, will they immediately start a recall petition as well? Why bother voting if our vote will be destroyed by these tactics? Our Governor can definitely relate to our President Trump's impeachment. Both are done by the Party who didn't get elected. However, both have had to deal with Rinos/Democrats in the House. Our Governor continues to do the work we elected him to do. He is continuing to try & fulfill his campaign promises when the House & some 'blue republicans' are against him. Our Mat Su Valley Delegation & a few other super strong republicans have his back & we are so thankful for them. The representatives & some senators are up for re-election in 2020 & would love your support. 
If you would like to help our Governor cover the enormous expenses piling on HIM because of the Recall mess, you can go to  This was set up by an independent expenditure group to give us the opportunity to donate. We know our Governor would appreciate us showing our support with any size donation as well as with our voice of support!

If you haven't 'liked' our Facebook Page please be sure to so! We have our Club updates and information and photos we share. Our photo tab is a fun place to check out! P.S. Republicans....we invite you to join our Club!

You can stay informed about what is going on in our Mat Su Borough and state! One way to do that is to come to our monthly General Meetings which are open not only to members, but also to the public. (Click on the Meeting/Events tab for information)

Our January 18, 2020 meeting is our annual meeting to share a summary of 2019 & then follow up with the Installation of our new officers for the 2020-2021 term. Please join us to welcome them! Following this we will hear from Linn McCabe who will tell us about
 the classes she took at the Leadership Institute in Arlington, Va.
They teach how to run a political campaign or help in various ways.
Our club is interested in hosting one of their classes.
 If any of our local or state officials are present, they too will give
their updates. This meeting will be at the Palmer Sunrise Grill
 (across from the Visitors Center) in their larger back room from
10 a.m. til 11:30 a.m. Come share time with like-minded folks and
 bring your friends. Our meetings are open to the public!

  Last October we elected three new conservative School Board members  Those who won School Board seats are Jim Hart, Ryan Ponder, & Jeff Taylor. The new School Board President is now conservative Tom Bergey! Huge congratulations to them....and US!
 If you have teenagers our  meetings are great ways to educate them
 in the conservative Republican process. Each month our speakers
are informative on issues relating to our Mat Su Borough and our
state. It is a perfect time for questions to be asked and answers
given by the person who knows. 

When you become a member of the Mat Su Republican Women's
Club Est. 1947 we provide you with opportunities! To learn more
about the political scene in our borough and state from our speakers, many of whom are legislators; to help with various campaigns; to become more knowledgeable of the way our local and state
elections function; to help raise money for our support to help Republican local and state candidates with their campaigns; to
actually participate in their campaigns with boots on the ground; volunteer to help with various fundraising events--where you can
form wonderful new friendships; --perhaps you want to run for an
office and we can mentor and help you. Plus, so much more! 

We have Associate Memberships which are different in that these cannot hold a club office or vote. Women who do not mind these options join as associates as well as teenagers and men. Associates are still involved in our club in ways they are interested in. We truly appreciate the so many who have been amazingly active in our club with their ideas, coming to our meetings & volunteering at events etc. One such associate is Mr. May who has taken care of our club's trailer that he hauls out to the Alaska State Fair each year for the past 10+ years. He makes sure it is in good working order and shiney clean for fun at the Fair! For close to 60 years it has been on the corner of the Purple Trail & Denail Loop.  

 Our club has been steam driven for over 72 years by Republican women and men and is still going strong! Each one has been a valuable asset to us! 
Please consider joining our active club! Click on the Membership Tab
to join securely with PayPal. 

We were proud to be a part of helping these candidates get elected in 2018! They are up for re-election in 2020 (except for our Governor Dunleavy and Senator Shower) and we are looking forward to hosting some events to help them fundraise. Campaigns are so expensive! "Outside" Democrat money flows into Alaska to get Democrats elected! It is unbelievable how much they pour into our state to influence elections and propositions. Their goal is the goal of the liberal Democrat Party.  Republican volunteers are the boots on the ground that we need to defeat them. Be a part of doing that by joining our club! We are looking forward to the challenge!
Senator Shelley Hughes will be up for re-election this 2020 as well as Senator David Wilson and they represent our Valley and stay strong for each Alaskan.
Congressman Don Young and Senator Dan Sullivan need our help too!! 2020 will definitely be exciting!

We are located in the beautiful Matanuska Susitna Valley and have been in existence officially since 1947. Each year at the Alaska State Fair we have participated with a booth for information, fundraising and a place to have for folks in our state, federal and local political office to come and meet and talk to their constituents while the State Fair is going on. In 2011 we were given a beautiful ribbon for being one of the oldest booths out there...our first year was 1946 when the women were getting this club up and running!
Come to one of our meetings and become a part of this active, community minded group of awesome women!

    We really appreciate Associate Member Jeff May who has made sure that our trailer is maintained & 'bathed' before he takes it to her to the corner of the Purple Trail & Denali Loop at the Alaska State Fair. Our Club has provided a strong Republican presence there for nearly 60 years! Our Republican local, State & Federal officials meet & greet their constituents there and our members volunteer to help with their time to run it. It's a special time to get to know other members & build friendships! We thank each one for all of their help over the years! 

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