Thank you to everyone who secured their tickets earlier this year when this event was scheduled for March 21st and sticking with us! Huge thanks to others who have secured your tickets when we got all of the kinks ironed out of the many changes! Our original speaker & the venue got shaken up a bit, however, we have a fantastic time planned for everyone and are happy you folks will be a part of it! Our fundraising events mean that we can help Republican candidates get elected through the Club's donations & participation. YOUR support work through us

We have had to make several adjustments since the original planning of this event. It was scheduled & ready to go March 21,2020 and we all know what hit the world at that time! We rescheduled for middle of May & covid19 reared its ugly head & stuck its tongue out at us again. So, we pushed ahead to Sept. 26, 2020. 

For those of you who purchased tickets for the March 21st date, we greatly appreciate your sticking with us as we manuevered through the covid19 world. Your reservation is set and ready for you to walk through the door on the 26th
With the Alaska State Primary out of the way, we can now focus
on getting our Republican candidates elected November 3rd ! Many are newbies and they have a heart to serve Alaskans! IF we allow the Democrats to beat them on November 3rd, our State will be changed forever. Please be serious about this and take an active role in being a huge part of this adventure! How? Go out and support them at their Meet & Greets and if you can afford to donate even $5 or $10 it all adds up and helps! You can get yard signs to show your neighbors who you support. Many times they do not know who to vote for and therefore....they just don't vote. When folks respect us and see those yard signs, it really makes a difference!.  Outside Democrat money is pouring into Alaska to turn our State blue. WE ARE A RED STATE & WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN! Let's show them that they have no pull in Alaska! 
If each one of us can get a couple of people to vote it will make a huge difference. Congressman Don Young has been voted the most effective congressman for the past many years & he is still has that fire in his heart to serve our State! Alyse Galvin is putting 'emotional pull' ads out because she has no substance. WHAT kind of experience does she show us she has that is important for a Congresswoman? None. Then the 'Independent' Al Gross is running his campaign on lies. From his own words:
Be alert folks and talk to people with the facts. 


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

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Some of our members have told us that they are using Parler instead of Twitter now. It is a new conservative friendly place too.  We will sign up for Parler too. Supporting conservative/republicans/patriotic sites are very important & we need to help them grow. If we invite you & you invite someone then the ripple affect begins! Facebook & Twitter are not
fond of us & we have options now.

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